New Version of iVH-HIT Mobile App, Daily Health Information Tips

Following a new design, in first quarter, iValueHealth.NET is lauching a new version of its iVH-HIT Application and the success of its prototype last year, as more and more people are using the iVH-HIT App on Android and iPhone.

Nowadays more and more people express a broad interest in health and medicine, and as a result, different websites and apps are trying to reply this demand. Trusted information, understanding vocabulary in a common language are key for iValueHealth.NET. And this is one of the secrets of the success of iVH-HIT, available in more than 6 languages.

Today iVH-HIT is a real proof of a balance between medical content made by professionals and information that can be easily adopted by common user without strong background in medicine field. People are keen to stay updated and have small tips on regular basis to stay in touch.

iValueHealth.NET continue to listen the need of users and professionals in terms of health access, and answer with m-Health and e-Health solutions, that can be used in day-to-day by breaking traditional barriers.