New Interface, AND Same Mission "Health for Everyone!"

Answering the demand of its community, iValueHealth.NET focused its efforts on improving its web interface and growing even more on its outstanding content base.

A more user friendly website, adapting to new needs to provide enhanced user experience. Base on different collaborative initiatives, asking the different stakeholders registered in the network, iValueHealth.NET has aligned look-n-feel, and a step forward with creative solutions to make “Health for Everyone in two clicks” happen.

As usual with iValueHealth.NET, there is not a limitation based on the device you connect to as it is responsive. Aligned with market trends, HTML5, besides other technologies to make compatible irrespective of device, to achieve the goal of anyone, anywhere, and anytime, and access to the Platform.

"The reason of improving the interface has been to allow our users, to access all the services and content, with a richer UX, available through the m-Health and e-Health programmes that iValueHealth.NET has deployed. Allowing people to access health in the best manner for them, is the meaning of the efforts of iValueHealth.NET.