iValueHealth.NET and Saloum Pharma signs partnership agreement

iValueHealth.NET and Saloum Pharma signs a partnership agreement to promote eHealth & mHealth initiatives in Africa.

"Health awareness and education are common problems in African countries. Across the years, many initiatives have taken place and more-and-more we start to see the positive outcome, but we are far from structuring & modernising the landscape. The objective of this partnership is to explore such possibilities", added by both parties jointly.

The software (B2B and B2C) offering of iValueHealth.NET, is going to be complementary to Medical Equipment offering of Saloum, to bring innovation and complete missing pieces in sustainable manner. Bringing all the health actors in one place and leverage synergies is key for local communities. This additional channel will contribute to the effectiveness of ongoing prevention and health education campaigns using basic technology such as web, mobile app, SMS, USSD, IVR etc.

About iValueHealth.NET: iValueHealth.NET is the first European multilingual health social platform. After years of intensive research, to meet the needs in the area of healthcare, iValueHealth.NET was successfully launched in 2012. The platform is unique in its field and connects the healthcare ecosystem in one place, enabling health actors to become visible in the online world, interact with each other, share experiences and benefit from different services. It is currently available in 6 European languages, attracted more than 1.1 million members and has over 3 million page views each month.

About Saloum Pharma: Saloum pharma "SP" is active distribution and promotion of all health products in African market, including commercialisation (directly or indirectly) related to health activities.