Health Information Tip Program in Spain: iVH-HIT

Health, Education and Awareness, all together on all kind of mobile devices.

iValueHealth.NET launches a new m-Health program called iVH-HIT in Spain, with TargeSystem, in order to support the population by providing a Health Information Tips (HIT) Service.

Following the mission “Health for Everyone”, the program includes information under more than 70 categories, such as Diabetes, Weight Control, Life Style, Quit Smoking, Ebola, Malaria, Kamasutra, and Fitness, besides many others. These categories address all age groups, males and females from both local and immigrant communities.

iVH-HIT is a mobile-based solution that delivers one daily health tip to its users, depending on the categories users have chosen. In order to make it accessible as widely as possible, the company has decided to launch the service in 5 languages, including Spanish, English, French, Romanian and Portuguese.

“iVH-HIT is neither a medical service nor a diagnosis/treatment service, but meant to increase awareness by providing information,. We want to keep the population informed about “what to do” and “what not to do”, based on different categories chosen and to learn. The content aims to help people live proactively, by providing them useful information about certain situations or daily unhealthy habits, that can be easily changed”, stated Sergio Lozano, Director of iValueHealth.NET.

“This innovative health information service, responds to the needs of the population in a big part of world and we, as one of the market leaders, have a great pleasure to collaborate with iValueHealth.NET and be the first to have this service in our portfolio and promote it nationwide. This service shall be available all over Spain, from Galicia to Sevilla, from Barcelona to Salamanca, from Madrid to Teruel, thanks to more than 7.000 point of sales, vending machines, TPVs, websites and android store access.”, said Jorge López, Managing Director of TargeSystem.

The service is launched on Android devices exclusively. Anyone having a smartphone, tablet, TV etc. running the Android operating system can download the application for free from or directly from Play Store ( People can try the service using a free code and/or ask for an activation code at any point of sales of TargeSystem.

About iValueHealth.NET: iValueHealth.NET is a multilingual European platform, successfully launched in 2012 after extensive research on the needs existing in the field of health. The platform connects the different health actors in one place, allowing them to interact, share experiences and benefit from dedicated services. Today, the platform gathers around 1,000,000 members and has millions of visitors each month. The portal has three types of features: (1) Health information on medical fields, symptoms, diseases and medications (2) Medical professionals can publish and share articles (text, images and videos), best practices, trends, research etc. (3) e-Health services and m-Health solutions for B2B and B2C. Currently, the platform offers more than 50 services.

About TargeSystem: TargeSystem is one of leading Service Distributor in Spain having more than 10,000 PoS (Point-of-Sales)