iValueHealth.NET to contribute to positive health changes by engaging users through gamification

iValueHealth.NET takes a step forward and develops a new health quiz that will inform and educate citizens in different parts of the world about common health problems in a very simple and fun way.

Gamification is largely defined as the application and use of game fundamentals and techniques to solve common problems and social challenges that people are confronted with every day. Gamification has been used in several areas, its main goals being to engage users in understanding, problem-solving, make them bring their contribution and increase positive behavior change and self-control. According to recent research, 2015 is the year where having a gamified service for customers will be a must for companies, almost as important as Facebook or Amazon.

In recent years, health was one of the areas of focus in terms of gamification. Given the large use of smart devices in developed countries, health games/applications started to be very popular among children and young people, the so called millennials, but they are also gaining ground among adults, helping them to adopt healthy habits.

iValueHealth.NET is following all these trends, while continuing its mission to increase access to health for everyone and make millions of positive health changes at global level. Given all the common health problems that threaten the health of people at global scale (such as obesity, diabetes etc.) and an increasing interest in healthy lifestyle, weight management, healthy eating etc., online and mhealth / digital applications emerged over the past years. This is just the beginning and our team strongly believes that leveraging health games and quizzes will increase awareness, wellbeing and healthy behavior for people using all types of devices.

“We will soon launch a new health game that will help millions to learn more, and will not be limited to people using a smartphone. We believe a “smart” application/game should address all types of technologies and devices available in any part of the world. Our service is compatible with a multiple set of devices (smart and feature phones) and will also be aimed at engaging people living in developing countries that don’t have yet access to a smartphone or a tablet,” stated Cristina Pruna, Partnership Manager at iValueHealth.NET. Furthermore, there is a huge potential of gamification in the insurance and pharmaceutical areas in terms of interaction and patient engagement.

The game will be available through the platform and mobile application in the coming months and will be deployed and used globally.