iValueHealth.NET to contribute to health literacy

iValueHealth.NET platform works towards delivering mHealth solutions that respond to health shortages all over the world.

Customized technology can respond to salient health issues all over the world and increase access to health education and information globally. mHealth or mobile health has been in the spotlight since a few years for its great potential to transform healthcare and increase its quality and efficiency. The use of mobile devices for different health apps, including very basic channels such as SMS & USSD based solutions, can contribute greatly to the empowerment of patients especially in developing countries. It can increase the awareness and prevention for the population and offer self-assessment and monitoring solutions to help them live more actively and independently.

iValueHealth.NET platform works towards delivering mHealth solutions that respond to health shortages all over the world. “We have embarked on a new and challenging journey in 2012, when we decided to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered, putting a special focus on developing countries in Africa and South America. Today we are seen as experts in this area through our members and audience, being able to understand and adapt to the global and local needs”, says Sergio Lozano, Director at iValueHealth.NET. “We worked over the past months on a truly innovative mHealth solution compatible with all devices (mobile app, SMS, USSD, IVR, computer, tablet, etc.). Many people just need simple health tips to learn what is good for them and what should be avoided to have a healthier and happier life. Keeping it simple and interactive is what works best in many cases and we have come up with an integrated solution for businesses and created a holistic marketplace for patients & caretakers.” added Mr. Lozano.

Delivering personalized health information through text messages or mobile applications written in an easy-to-understand way and responding to patient’s needs can help users. Understanding the usefulness of good nutrition, vaccination/immunization, diabetes, obesity, HIV, smoking cessation or any other general topics helps to increase the day-to-day awareness of different health conditions. Different national and international health public bodies in Europe and the United States have all recognized the importance of the mobile health for the citizens and the positive impact in terms of public health and spending.

iValueHealth.NET’s mHealth programs are designed together with telecom operators and health professionals for specific target audiences and on specific topics to improve self-management of different conditions and health education, prevention and good health practices.