Grupo SEAP launches a free healthcare information service in Huesca

Jesus Rios, managing director of the healthcare SEAP Group, and Sergio Lozano, Director of iValueHealth.NET, the largest European health social network, have signed a partnership agreement to offer health information and online healthcare services to their patients.

The Group SEAP is a private medical clinic in the Eastern part of the province of Huesca, with facilities of over 2000 m². The major centers are located in Monzon, Barbastro and Binéfar, and provide health services of primary care and specialized medicine.

This alliance will provide access to one of the largest databases of information and health services to all their users, patients, care takers and medical professionals, whether they are people living in Spain or tourists visiting the country. It is completely free of charge and anyone can become a member within a minute, by registering using an email ID.

In addition, the platform is easy to use and offers numerous possibilities for all users. Patients can have a personal health diary (fix or reschedule appointments, overview, tools to manage their vaccination or treatment etc.....), get in touch with medical professionals and access quality medical information provided by physicians. Similarly, professionals can disseminate their knowledge, advice ... and communicate with their patients in a quick and easy way, besides many other services.

“While continuing to offer health services to patients and interact with them, we are focusing on developing new functionalities and online medical services. They range from services responding to basic needs to innovative services where patients have access to self healthcare management. Our focus lies into providing a seamless experience to our patients and enable them to stay connected with us even when they are out of clinics or traveling” added Jesus Rios.

Meanwhile, Sergio Lozano expressed his satisfaction with the confidence and interest of SEAP Group to participate in this pioneering project. iValueHealth.NET is the largest multilingual European health platform. It successfully combines information and services in the healthcare space. It was launched in 2012, after a thorough research on the needs in the field of health. It enjoys growing success, having become the largest European health social network in less than 18 months. Last June, iValueHealth.NET platform was selected among top 13 startups in Europe and the first most innovative in the healthcare sector at the "Unconvention" event, organized by the European Young Innovators Forum in Brussels.

“We are the first in the country to have signed a partnership with a private medical center and we hope our success will encourage more people to join our initiative. We are already working with a university, public institutions, insurance companies, laboratories and medical professionals. Our ultimate goal is to bring all the healthcare actors in one place and let the knowledge come directly to the user and the provider”, said Lozano. “At this stage, the SEAP Group, is, by its nature, an ideal partner. It has a significant number of patients, provides services to almost all medical specialties and is located across Spain with extensive experience in private healthcare", he added

Any Internet user can register on the platform, free of charge, by accessing the website: (SEAP ONLINE section). The only requirement for membership is to have a valid email account.