iValueHealth.NET to provide visibility to pharmaceutical innovations & bring value to public health

New medicines, vaccines and medical tools have revolutionized medical practice over the past century, making many fatal diseases curable or treatable, and significantly improving the quality of life among patients suffering from chronic diseases. Pharmaceutical laboratories were at the heart of this progress through their continuous innovations.

Nowadays patients suffering from chronic diseases are becoming more health conscious and have a growing interest in innovation and research in the pharmaceutical sector. Many of them are looking for reliable information and support online, where most of the time they cannot find what they look for and frustration often comes up. On the other hand, pharmacists are always keeping themselves up-to-date with discoveries in terms of new pharmaceutical products that could benefit their patients. Doctors and clinics need comprehensive information about ongoing innovative pharmaceutical research and governmental institutions are continuously looking into preventive measures against epidemic outbreaks.

iValueHealth.NET, the first Europe-based health online platform connecting the healthcare ecosystem in one place, is responding to all these needs by enhancing collaboration among different health actors. It offers Pharmaceutical laboratories the possibility to speak about their latest innovations among large public through specialized multimedia articles and receive feed-back. They are enabled to get closer and collaborate with patients, doctors, clinics and pharmacists within their research projects. They can explore together (with other health actors) in different geographies good potential candidates for clinical trials to test possible treatments. This can contribute to further feedback and improvements to be made for people suffering from specific diseases.

By connecting onto the platform, pharmacists keep themselves informed about innovative products launched by pharmaceutical laboratories and understand better side effects, interactions and best practices for the treatments they are proving to patients. Offering advice, information, and instructions to patients about specific medications and providing feed-back to pharmaceutical companies enhances their role in primary care and make them key actors in the healthcare value chain.

Up-to-date medical information on latest innovations is crucial for doctors and clinics in providing the right treatment to their patients. On iValueHealth.NET they are able to find the latest information on research projects and clinical trials and actively contribute by providing feed-back from their patients.

Public Health Institutions are now able to get the latest information regarding pharmaceutical innovations and get in touch easily with pharmaceutical laboratories. A closer collaborative relationship between them can lead to better public health strategies in emergency situations, such as epidemics or pandemics. Vaccine shortages have been revealed to be a real problem during flu outbreaks in the past and iValueHealth.NET aims to give them the right tools and information to overcome these potential problems in the future.