iValueHealth.NET unveils new service to manage health appointments

iValueHealth.NET, the European largest multilingual health platform is responding to the needs of different health actors with a new service to help them manage and keep track of their health calendar. The application “health calendar” offers doctors and patients a general view of all their appointments. It keeps them up-to-date on the time and location and possible changes of the appointments with their GP or specialist. Easy, Quick, Convenient, Secure and very affordable - it helps them remember easily what their last appointments were about and when to follow up on them. The application offers also information on the subject and several other details about the appointment. A very useful service allowing parents in developing countries to remember and receive notifications of all medical visits of their children (vaccination etc).

On doctors’ side, the service enables them to fix an appointment with their patients when needed (blood tests; analysis result; regular check, vaccination etc.) and have an overview of all their patients and topics concerned. It allows them to have a permanent access to the record/history of all their meetings with each patient. Easy, Quick - they can also identify multiple appointments with the same subject and be able to have a general idea of the evolution of their patients.

Going forward in the healthcare value chain, the same application brings pharmacists closer to their patients, enhancing relationship with them. They are happy to play a more important role in primary care and respond to the needs of patients by formulating the right stock for certain medications.

As a next step, iValueHealth.NET is envisaging to add a note area so that patients/doctors/pharmacists can take quick notes on each meeting.