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We are happy to introduce you to our platform named iValueHealth.NET, World's first and largest social network connecting the healthcare ecosystem in one place. We do this, because we believe in connecting the dots, use Mobile for Growth, and provide missing basic pieces for people who are in need. Our project contributes to the 3rd objective (Good Health and well-being) of United Nation's Substainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), and has touched about 2 million people already.

iValueHealth.NET, is the result of in-depth research on the needs existing in the area of healthcare. The project was initiated in 2010 and launched in July 2012. Since then, it has been gathering thousands of medical professionals and hundreds of thousands of patients in one place. iValueHealth.NET is a member of Microsoft BizSpark, mHealth Alliance, United Nations Foundation & selected (in 2013) among top 13 innovative start-ups in Europe, and first in the healthcare sector. We are committed to bring all the stakeholders in healthcare value chain in one place and we enable them to connect and interact with each other, publish medical content, articles, research work etc. in the benefit of all. We support them to increase health awareness by sharing local and global information.

Our focus and mission/vision is "Health for Everyone" with a puropose to make impact, slowly but certainly!

Please join us, and be part of change. We are a privately held start-up, and do not issue any public statements or reports. If you are looking for specific information and/or opportunities, please contact us via email.