Operating model for developer community

iVH Developers

We have an open standard HTTP/XML interface. If you are an Application Developer or Partner company, who would like to have its own service and mHealth applications, we may be of great help to you. We have more than 50 services and 30k+ medical content, available on fingertips of users on any channel, device - Easy & Quick to build an Application for any stakeholder of value chain. We have a large audience of members and content.

API's mainly used for Mobile Application, SMS based services, USSD services, IVR services, Portal Integration (Web/Mobile), 3rd Party System Integration, Provisioning, Loyalty Programs, etc.


General Subscriber ((Patients & Caretakers), Doctor and Future Doctor, Government & Health Ministry, Hospital & Clinic, Institute, University, Private Company, Social Network, Insurance Company, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) or Subject Matter Expert (SME), M2M, Device, Equipment Manufacturer, Medical Store, NGO & Foundation, Nutrition Company, Other Medical Staff Nurse, Association, Lab etc, Pharmaceutical Company, Telecom Operator, etc


Desktops, Laptops, Feature Phones, Smart Phones, Tablets, Handheld Devices, M2M Devices etc


HTTP/XML - Web, Mobile Apps, SMS, USSD, IVR, API etc


API, External 3rd Party systems, SMS, USSD, IVR, Apps, Data, Provisioning, Billing, Loyalty, Mobile Financial Services, Real-time or Batch Processors etc