We address Everyone in Healthcare Chain

iVH Business

Good Education & Health are basic needs of any human being. Today, more than 20% of the world's population does not or has very limited access to health. We see a clear need to deliver some more health services and we believe that technology can bring its value and solve several issues. Digital Marketing are important for any business today. We are proud to be one of largest Healthcare Social Platform, whether its by Members, by Content and by Services.

Our collaboration network can enable your reach to each actor (and stakeholder) of the healthcare ecosystem and footstep in the world of healthcare services and Big Data. Our White Label Platform (on Web & Mobile) can accelerate your development, whether as launching new service or enrich your existing portfolio for your customers. Every actor in healthcare chain has a need, and we bring value and 360° holistic view.

   Patients & Care-takers

Access healthcare information, manage their own health, be part of a community and interact with people and professionals

   Doctors, Hospitals & Clinics

Stay connected with patients, reach out patients & medical professionals, publish & share medical information globally

   Government & Public bodies

Broadcast information or emergency alerts to public or medical professionals; have global view (in emerging market) on performance

   NGO & Foundations

Additional means to spread information on special programs such as vaccination program, blood donation & collect feedback

   Medical Stores

Primary care: Inform users about specific medication, where it can help and how, with associated symptoms and diseases

   Universities & Private Sector

Publish and Share research work, bring Health 2.0 to their medical students & additional first aid service to employees

   Pharmaceutical Companies

Promote medication (incl generics), publish latest research and reach out to everyone using Digital & Multichannel Marketing

   Insurance Companies

Better customer engagement, create value added services such as real-time tracking, micro-insurance and more innovative offering

   Telecom & Service Providers

Topline focus, mHealth Offering and new value add services by building new partnerships with healthcare sector in B2B and B2C

and more...

Nutrition Companies, Key Opinion Leaders, Subject Matter Experts, M2M/IoT etc