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User ACCEPTS: Terms & Conditions

We respects each and every user on this platform irrespective of channel and device from which he/she access the platform, as we believe in creating and sharing the richness of the platform. Access to platform is restricted to members, and to become a member, the user must register on the platform via his/her email address under their own responsibility and in accordance with the instructions set out therein. Our ethical chart is based on the following principles and user agrees without any exception by joining the platform and accepts that the company reserves the rights to enrich its terms & conditions in best interest of users at any time. These terms and conditions are intended to regulate access to the platform and services for each user. Users accepts to conform to clauses of the present terms, accessible in "joining" form available and explictly accepted having carefully read in detail. These terms are intended to govern the use of this platform by any user. Usage of this platform implies that the user has previously read these terms and conditions, that he/she has accepted and agrees to comply.

User ACCEPTS: Disclaimer

(i) Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided here is accurate and easy to understand. The information has been compiled for general-purpose; therefore we do not recommend using it without consulting with your doctor or pharmacist. (ii) We neither endorse nor recommend any diagnose, prescription, treatment, drugs, therapy, auto-diagnosis or self-medication. The information is designed only to increase awareness and not as a substitute to healthcare practitioners’ expertise. (iii) The information contained herein is not intended to cover all possible uses, directions, precautions, warnings, drug interactions, allergic reactions, or side effects, and we do not assume any responsibility for any aspect of healthcare administered with the aid of the information provided.

User ACCEPTS: Aim, Usage & Functioning

(i) User is aware of that the platform does not replace any traditional medical professionals and/or treatment by any means. Information and advice on the platform do not engage the company, and does not release the user seek appropriate advice from healthcare professionals. User is solely responsible for any consequences if applied without consulting his/her healthcare professional. The company disclaims any liability for problem(s) that may arise and in any event, user waives all rights of any claims against the company. (ii) We don't use any cookies. When using the platform, if any cookies generated by the computer servers of the company may be automatically installed on the user's computer. These cookies do not identify the user, but only serve to measure the number of page views, the number of visits and the activity of the user on the platform. The user can delete them without affect in any way the platform navigation. (iii) User represents fully understand the nature and constraints of the Internet. In particular, he/he recognizes that it is impossible to guarantee that the data will be transmitted over the Internet is 100% secure. The company will not be held responsible for incidents that may arise from this transmission. (iv) The personal data provided by the user, including through the forms on this platform, are reserved for the exclusive use of the company and its partners. Partners those allow the company to manage such subscriptions to various services offered on the platform, or any other requests from users. E.g. Medical professionals cannot add patients in their list. Users can contact medical professionals such as doctor/pharmacist, as long as user provides the contact details, and not the other way. (v) During the trial phase with B2B customers, all the users, content, services accessed and any other information added or updated and will remain on the platform as part of the agreement even after the completion of trial phase. All the users, content and services on this platform belong to the owner company of this platform. (vi) If there is an event of "force majeure" within the meaning of positive law preventing the execution of Present, the platform may/will be suspended for unlimited duration, and in such events, any users will not have any rights to make any form claims. (vii) The company may revise or update these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

User ACCEPTS: Data protection & Privacy

(i) This platform is govern and subject to data protection law of one of European country & compliant with GDPR, and servers are hosted within EU country as well. Any user (of any continent) information on this website is not be shared with any third party. For more information, or specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. (ii) All possibilities are given to user to access, modification and deletion of personal data. Anonymity is kept; We only ask for Email address, and no other personal information is mandatory. User can change or update any information concerning their profile or content added by them on the platform. The company reserves the rights to ignore/discard some information if they find it irrelevant and/or not appropriate. (iii) The user is solely responsible for the preservation of his login and password, to identify when access to his/her account. User under his own responsibility, he/she may authorize any person to trust his choice to access their account anytime, whatever the reasons. For safety reasons, it must be changed regularly. You may be contacted, if at all and only if, you have provided information at your own in your profile independent of channel (Email, Mobile etc). (iv) The company does not intend to store or keep any health e-record of users/patients on the platform. We don't share any information about you or your activities and exchanges on this platform with anyone. The Company, however, reserves the right to delete some records from the database constituted by the data received, and to limit the number. (v) User agrees not to share with other users, including through the chat service, personal information about the individual, by express agreement, the Company has no control over these exchanges. (vi) Information indicated by any user, under his/her sole control and sole responsibility, on profile are not "health data”, and therefore can not establish or medically characterize the health status of the user. Therefore, the company shall not be liable including errors, inaccuracies or omissions in the data thus indicated by the user(s). (vii) The platform is designed so that the local user database can be easily separated if needed by regulators in B2B scenarios only.

User ACCEPTS: Content & Services/Functionalities

(i) The Company may add, modify or remove, the content and service, at any time, to improve the content and quality. The user is accessing the platform on his/her willingness and for information purpose only. (ii) The user accepts that he/she knows that the information on the platform is UGC (User Generated Content), where the ownership of content, intellectual property rights and responsibilities are retained with the publisher of content. The platform proposes an option where the third party can get in contact with the publisher directly, so that the person can add or update the reference. (iii) Services consist of a secure areas on this interactive platform where each user can access to his/her own information on his/her health and well-being only. User has an overview of the management of their information, and the means available to better follow. (iv) All contributions posted on this platform are for informational purposes and does not absolve the user to seek the professional's choice for review and appropriate and tailored to their needs advice. The use of these contributions is made under the sole responsibility of the user and not in any way bind the company. (v) The company is a content aggregator and not responsible for any content added by any user without mentioning the source or applying it without consulting with healthcare professionals. The company engages itself to add or update the source of the content as soon as it is claimed by the third party with given confirmed evidences. (vi) The user agrees to respect the right of intellectual property inherent to the platform and its content, regardless of the nature. In particular, the user is prohibited any reproduction or representation of the platform by any means and in any form whatsoever without the express consent of the company. (vii) The platform and services are available 24x7 throughout the year, subject to the suspension periods for purposes such as maintenance. User agrees that access to the platform may be temporarily interrupted for reasons of maintenance, updating, upgrading, or any other operation, including technical. Whenever possible, the company will perform these operations during the least harmful to access to the platform. These interruptions will not give rise to any claim or compensation.

User ACCEPTS: Change in Ownership

(i) The company is a privately held company, and does not issue any public annual report. (ii) In the unlikely event where the company enters bankruptcy, or if the company, or its assets were acquired partially or full, the users’ accounts, content, services and other similar assets would be transferred to the acquiring company. The user acknowledges that such transfers may occur, and that any acquirer of the company may continue or discontinue service(s).

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